torsdag 20. juni 2013

Tutorial-my style: DT ScrapFX

Hello again, hope you’re ready for a little how-to-Elisabeth-style;)

You are going to need a stencil, art medium and some chippies, and of course your regular scrap-stuf;)


Here we go:

The first thing you have to decide, is what stencil you want to show off.

I chose the wood grain stencil:


ScrapFx has so many great stencil, so this Step by step will work with so many of them!


Step 1:

I pick my papers, and the stencil I want to use. The medium I’m going to apply to it, is a heavy art acrylic: it’s sandy.

I always use my spatula when I do this. Make sure to hold your stencil firmly, and work the medium to fill the spaces.


Stepp 2:

Layer your papers, even add a doilie, a paper-bag and a tag. Then: Pick your chippie!

I chose the mini-clouds:



Step 3:

Treat your chippies! I’ve used both Distress crackle paint (picket fence) and clear rock candy. These two are winners, all the time!

The crackle paint dry up faster then the clear rock candy, but still…. Tools;)


Step 4:

Put your chippies on your page, and layer some more with journal-stuff.

The page are comming together, details are left.


Step 5:

I want to fill my page some more, so cut some cloudy edges, and watercolor them. Make two..


Step 6:

Put the cloudy edges on the top, and on the bottom, and stash it with washi and buttons. You can even frame with some sewing.

Add you choice of stash. My case: Flowers, bling and the devine I mean twine..

Here’s how it turned out:





I hope you can use my little How-to, to show off that great stencil and that rockin’ medium!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!


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