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ScrapFX bloghop:


It’s time for something GREAT: the ScrapFX bloghop!

Please hop with us, get to know us and BE INSPIRED!

Leave comments for all of us, and at the ScrapFX-blog--->perhaps you will win the grand prize:


Here’s the hop list for you:


To really get under our skin, we are challenging our selves with some questions,

and please feel free to answer some of them yourselves;) My answers in cursive.

Michelle Logan:

What is your scrapbook "kryptonite"? (what style/colour/etc will people never see on your creations because you cannot deal with it???)

Papers with stripes: I have issues!!


What do you listen to or watch while your scrap and WHY?

Mostly nothing at all… I am a preschool teacher with 3 kids of my own..I value _some_ silence *lol*


Do you snack or drink while scrapping? What?

Mmmm, I would love a glass of red wine, please!


How do you jump start your creativity when you find that it is missing?

Organizing always helps!


What is your favorite technique(s) to use right now and why? What are some tried and true techniques you love to use?

Layering and being messy with different paint, mist or chalk..


At what time of day are you most creative, or do you prefer to create?

With a full time job and kids: evenings and night time. Sleep? No….


What makes your heart race?

Loads and loads of new stash, or a really GREAT layout made by ME!


If you were to describe one emotion while scrapbooking, what would it be?



What are you afraid of?

scrapbooking-wise: I choose not to be afraid. In life: Loosing my family.


If you could choose a talent/gift what would it be?

I think I have many gift and talents, but I would choose an extra super-duper talent like FREEZING TIME: Then I could scrapbook and not mind about the clock;)



To give you some layout inspiration as well, I’ve made this one for you:




I had so much fun with my dylusions, water-color and some sand..! The texture turned out so great! I like to use frames from time to time, they highlight pictures really well. This time I’ve used this one, from ScrapFX.

I hope you feel inspired, and are enjoying the hop so far.

Remember: leave comments everywhere you go, and you can win the grand prize!


27 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely work and love the paint drips and that feather is amazing :) Love Liz

  2. What a stunning LO - the best photo & your side cluster with your chippie feather, & paintwork is divine...Talk about inspiration!!! Thank you for letting me into your blog world.

  3. Just divine work Elisabeth love all that you do!!

  4. some amazing layouts on this blog that everyone is sharing some fatastic and different ideas...thanks

  5. WOW! so colourful !

  6. wow this is just amazing,I love the bright colors! thank you so much for the inspiration!

  7. you are too uinny, but yes, wine is good combined with peace and quiet= means I get lots of Layouts done too! You are so good with the painting and misting that I had to look to see what was the chip-FAB!!

  8. Love the vibrant colours and texture on your page. My heart also skips a beat when I get new stash,

  9. To read your blog is a hug inspiration! Thank you!

  10. lovely treatment of the chippie's, great splash of color on your canvas, lovely detail on all the embellishments

  11. Wow! I love this background so rich!

  12. thanks for the inspiration!
    ciao dall'Italia

  13. Love the dylusions colors and the lily is fab!!

  14. I love your color scheme I love your picture, I love the whole layout! Just prescious! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  15. It's so funny you mentioned stripes as a scrap kryptonite- I LOVE them SO MUCH! I try to include stripes in almost all my layouts! OO if I had to deal with pre schoolers all day I'd need to scrap in silence rii- right now scrap time is the only time I get to listen to the radio station I want- usually it's kids songs. :) This page is SOOOOO amazing!!! I am totally intrigued by your use of sand. So you mean you adhered sand to the paper or that you added sand and them misted it? Because that second option is wonderfully creative- I'll have to try it. The colors you used here are STUNNING! And I agree- the frame looks AMAZING- so does that pretty metal leaf detail- perfect amount of detail- wonderful job!

  16. Elisabeth, this is gorgeous! I love the bright colours you used and the cheesecloth in the background. Lovely work.

  17. Love your paint work, thanks for sharing

  18. This is beautiful...and the picture is amazing! The colors are so intense and vivid that this almost looks a yummy orange, raspberry sorbet!

  19. Oh girl I feel you on needing silence after dealing with the tots all day!! I used to be a kinder teacher before my illnesses took over and I had to leave the classroom and silence was golden at night! There is no better job though for real! :D I adore your page here girly!!! You've used some of my all time fav colors together and they look beautiful!!! The texture, the way you've used the frame around that gorgeous photo, and the metal feather?? Wow. All of it pulled together is just stunning! Spectacular work!! xo

  20. Beautiful LO, I love the rich inky coloured background! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hey Elizabeth :)
    I loved reading more about you :)
    You layout here is amazing! I love this deep red-hot background!

  22. Love the misting and the frame, the colours are so vibrant & love the delicate touches with the embellies and sweet flowers

  23. Wow...what a knockout this is with the bold use of colour and the oval frame. LOVE it :)

  24. Wow... the most beautiful layout!! *_______*

  25. Loving your use of colors! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  26. This is gorgeous! what an amazing background!

  27. Man, you guys came up with super powers as gifts. I should have been on that line of thinking too. lol I adore this layout...ADORE!!! Something about the dramatic color and style totally has me hooked!


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